Working with great people in the industry improves professionalism, integrity, and reputation.

It is refreshing to work along side such a caring and professional builder. Christine is extremely educated and experienced in all facets of construction management and understands the stresses that her clients go through. Her compassion and excitement during every project is contagious, thus giving her clients a great experience.

Richard McCarthy

Real Estate/Professional Public Speaker, MI

I had the unique experience working with Christine on various projects since 2008. I knew right away that I could depend on her knowledge when I needed it and she was always open to learn from me. This is what made us a great team in the construction industry. Our passion to discuss many construction related topics drove us to excel together in our profession. Still a great friend of mine today, I have no reservations recommending CMB Construction Management Company to build your new home. She will far exceed your expectations.

Kelle Finn

Operations Mgr, Home Works - Chesterfield, MI

There are many challenging questions I get asked as a real estate agent. I am fortunate enough to work along side Christine because I can ask her anything relating to residential construction and I know I can trust her answers. The projects she has completed all have one thing in common...referrals. Christine mostly works on referrals only which is the highest form of compliment a client can give a builder. She forecasts her work load for the year to ensure the quantity of work does not take away from servicing her clients. She is a great colleague in the industry and always there when I have questions. She will be there for you too!

Barb Schewe

Real Estate, Vanguard Realty Group, MI

Working with Christine for a few years was a great experience. She always answered my questions to the best of her knowledge and she took me under her wings and showed me the right way to do construction. Yes, she is tough, but in a predominately male driven industry, she has to be. With that said, you can see the respect she gets from her clients, trade partners, suppliers and municipality officials. She cares and is very dedicated to her profession. If you choose CMB Construction Management Company to manage your project, rest assured that you are in good hands.

Deana Vitale

Systems Management, MI

CMB Construction Management is a builder I recommend time and time again to my clients. Christine has continued to educate me on the build process as well as the land development. Why is this important? As a real estate agent, having the land development understanding allows me to eductate my clients about vacant land and potentially save them thousands of dollars. Christine continues to be my go to person for everything from home inspections, to home renovation costs to custom home building knowledge. She's been professional, timely and her customer service is beyond that of her competitors.

Sheila Cohoon