It takes knowledge, experience and care to build your custom home. At CMB Construction Management Company, we are proud to have great trade partner relationships to ensure your beautiful new custom home is built with care, quality and affordability!

CMB Construction Management Company hires our company for fireplaces, wood burning stoves, stone mantles and cultured stone interior. It is a delight working with Christine because she cares about her clients as well as her trade partners. This is one builder who goes above and beyond to ensure the safety of fireplace and wood stove installations. Her scheduling system is seamless and her follow up is excellent. We pride ourselves on our great reputation so we relate to Christine's philosophy about building custom homes and superior customer service. We look forward to working with her on each and every project.


CMB Construction Management Company sends clients to our show room for flooring and tile selections. She understands that the trends are always changing and that we can assist her clients with the best products and pricing. Christine's experience in custom selections helps improve budgets and timing for her clients. We appreciate her business and always look forward to working with her.

Omega Flooring

We perform the electrical rough and final for CMB Construction Management Company. Finding a good builder who cares about their clients and trade partners can be hard these days. Christine has treated our company very well and she works hard at ensuring our success with her projects by keeping us informed on scheduling and budgets, thus having a positive impact on the overall experience for her clients.

JEM Electric

CMB Construction Management Company hires our company to perform the tasks of rough carpentry, roofing, and siding. Christine is thorough with information regarding the clients, selections, scheduling, and payments. We enjoy working with her because she makes the building experience fun for everyone involved, yet keeping the project moving for the client. She is honest and cares about her clients and trade partners; something very rare to find in today's construction industry.

Thompson Contracting

Doing work for CMB Construction Management Company has been a good experience for our company. Christine is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to our precast walls. Her enthusiasm to offer a superior foundation system to her clients helps make us feel good about our business. She schedules meetings between corresponding trade partners and our company to ensure we are all on the same page with the drawings and elevations. We would highly recommend CMB Construction Management to build your new custom home.

Great Lakes Superior Walls

Site development is very difficult when dealing with all types of various properties. It helps when the builder has a good foundation of knowledge when it comes to soils and drainage on a property. Christine hires my company to perform excavation, driveway work, septic fields and grading for her projects. She understands the perplexity to ensure the property enhances the building envelope and takes caution by seeking our expertise for her clients. She is conscientious when scheduling us to perform the work that helps us keep in budget thus helping her clients stay within budget. We would recommend CMB Construction Management Company to people who want a caring and knowledgeable builder.

Dryden Excavating

CMB Construction Management Company subcontracts our company to perform the task of heating and cooling. Christine always treats our company and staff with respect and kindness. Our meetings regarding thermal efficiencies and energy ratings are the primary focus for her client's custom home. She is particular with the placement of mechanical units due to interior performance and exterior curb appeal. It's nice to work with a builder who has the trade partner and client's best interest in mind.

Michigan Heating and Cooling

We started working with Christine several years ago supplying her fireplaces or installation when she worked with her previous company. Over the years we have formed not only a professional relationship, but also a friendship with her. Christine is meticulous in planning and budgeting of her projects and makes the process smooth for us from an install and quoting aspect. She has a passion for her job and that shows when she truly cares about the quality of items she puts into her homes. We look forward to working on many projects in the future with her.



Creekside Hearth

Almont, MI